Ataca & Alemana Master Challenge

Join Master instructors Ataca & Alemana for this 2-hour intense camp where you'll learn to take Bachata to the next level.

Tania Cannarsa Styling Camp

Spend 2 hours working with Tania Cannarsa improving your dance technique. Review salsa foundations, proper body alignment, body movement, turns, arms and shines. You’ll leave this Bootcamp with a better understanding of salsa technique and how to be a stronger, more effective salsa dancer. Good for all levels.

Sensual Camp

Sensual Bachata Lead & Follow Technique Comfort, communication and efficient movement is the key to a smooth and enjoyable dance for both lead and follow. These key points will be broken down and made understandable for social dance. A focus on technique, movement, timing, and rhythm to understand the importance of good basics. Learn choreography concepts to improve stage presence and enhance social dancing.

Gigi Bianco Cuban Influence Camp

Gigi Bianco is the director of the team Full Project,based in Italy. They have a unique style that mixes salsa and mambo steps with cuban dance culture and rhythm. In the masterclass Gigi will teach some fundamentals to make this mix smooth and simple.

Camp Venus

(Alemana, Kimberly Rivera, Bianca Chapman, Katlyn Rodriguez, Bianca Derival & Creations by Rafa) Learn a full choreography where each part is choreographed and taught by a different Queen. Learn different stylings and flavors all in one choreography. You’ll also be able to perform this choreography with the Queens on stage with you on Sunday night. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from this royal line up!